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Best Practice Seminars

Free-to-attend seminars for dealer principals, marketing, finance, sales and aftersales management.

About the Automotive Management Live Best Practice Seminars

Our eight partners will deliver their best practice seminars twice throughout the day providing delegates with ample opportunity to attend as many as desired.

As dealers increasingly integrate all aspects of their business and the fortunes of each department is ever more reliant on each other, Automotive Management Live’s series of ‘Best Practice Seminars’ will enable delegates to expand their knowledge, tackle the issues facing the industry and understand some of the potential solutions.

Exploring new and used car retailing; understanding how service and repair continues to change; the latest thinking in the on-going impact of digital; discussing trends and forecasts; and a whole host of other insights will provide exceptional guidance to develop the best strategy for a sustainable and profitable business.

Our Best Practice sessions will be direct, highly informative and hard-hitting with tangible advice and tips designed to be readily implemented on return to the business.

Combining a customer-centric culture and a highly profitable business is not only possible but inevitable if dealerships are to continue to be successful. Our Best Practice sessions will deliver key takeaways on how to transform your business so it combines the best of both worlds.

Please note: Best practice seminars are reserved for car retailers and vehicle manufacturers

During this Masterclass, eDynamix will focus on the need to shift systems from being workshop centric to customer centric. 

As the so-called millennials continue to tighten their grip on how we operate and customers in general become more digitally aware, eDynamix will substantiate the ever increasing appetite from consumers to operate within a self-serve mobile environment.    

By benchmarking automotive against other industries, they will also highlight the technical deficiencies which increase the risk of sufferance by comparison.

Finally, eDynamix will close their session by sharing exciting technical initiatives that will change the automotive retail landscape forever.

If you are looking for a session which inspires performance enhancements by combining effective customer contact, key aftersales tools and technology, be sure to choose the eDynamix Masterclass

  • The importance of live chat to the digital sales journey and customer expectations of website interactions including out-of-hours
  • Understanding the importance of response times for customer care and sales or booking impact and quality of information provided
  • Is live chat now the ‘go to’ method of communications for pre-sale enquiries and to resolve complaints and what it means for its evolution in automotive retail?

Customers have more digital channels than ever to use when shopping and they switch between them seemingly at random

 - Some of the numbers around time spent online on various channels
 - Some of the numbers about digital engagement being a key driver of loyalty

Customers are now broadcasters as well as receivers with the growth of Social Media and the review culture. The good news is there are tools to keep on top of this activity
Good data is the key to good customer engagement across digital media

 - Email, SMS and Social Media are more data driven than ever
 - Explaining different types of “audience” driven by data with examples of campaigns covering multi-media

Putting numbers on Facebook advertising – using learnings from the USA

 - Why FB is the “go-to” channel for SoMe advertising
 - How to construct a cost-effective FB ad campaign

•             Understanding what drives traffic to your website, identifying key conversion points and how to maximise these channels

•             Keeping up to date with the latest smartphone trends and ensuring your website is meeting expectations for mobile users

•             Developing a genuine end-to-end website for customers who increasingly wish to undertake numerous stages of the purchase journey online at various points and multiple times

The future of video in the automotive industry

Video is an accepted form of communication with consumers, and in a lot of cases they expect it. CitNOW will discuss the role of video now and in the future as a customer retention and sales conversion tool. Using fact-based research, the session will also explore the role of video from the customers’ point of view and how you can use it to enhance the customer experience and ultimately secure more business.

  • Establishing an effective online end-to-end finance and overcoming consumer challenges and retailer reluctance
  • The need for sophisticated metrics as part of an online finance offering to understand consumer behaviour
  • How the online finance process meets FCA requirements and how providing more online control to consumers could better meet compliance demands


•         How car ownership attitudes are changing – 85% of new cars funded by PCP and the rise of mobility as a service and how dealers need to start adapting their sales model now

•         Establishing continuing profit streams in a new car market potentially heading for a period of consolidation and the impact of Bre

Measuring Customer Satisfaction is key to building loyalty, repeat business and advocacy, or as we call it Raving Fans.

In this session, we will provide new insights into what behaviours create loyalty and practical steps you can take to build raving fans within your business. We will also touch on the importance of gaining the appropriate permissions in advance of the General Data Protection Regulations, which come in on 25th May 2018, but require action now.