Automotive Management Live
November 12th 2020
NEC, Birmingham

2019 Best Practice Sessions

Our popular Best Practice Sessions were back at Automotive Management Live 2019 providing retailers with proven strategies, actionable insights and forthcoming trends and developments to help forward planning. Segmented into easy-to-access essential topic areas, we have turned to the best in the business who draw on their wealth of data and expertise to provide attendees with critical intelligence on developments in the sector.

Free-to-attend seminars for dealer principals, marketing, finance, sales and aftersales management.

The 2019 sessions had been specially devised with AM’s industry partners to provide senior decision-makers, managers and operational executives in automotive retail businesses with additional insights to help with forward planning. The sessions were direct, highly informative and hard-hitting with tangible advice and tips, designed to be readily implemented on return to the business.

Please note: Best practice seminars are reserved for car retailers and vehicle manufacturers.

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

Marketing Delivery explores how automotive retailers can take eCRM to the next level using social media to connect with potential car-buyers. Evidence suggests dealers can achieve higher levels of customer engagement using a precise and targeted approach to social media and marketing, making a more relevant, compelling and persuasive offer for customers.

In this session you will learn:-

  • A better understanding of how eCRM can improve engagement with potential car buyers
  • Greater knowledge of how social media marketing can help to target the most appropriate customers
  • An improved awareness of how ‘lost leads’ can be converted to sales using tailored email and SMS follow ups

Anthony Machin, Head of Content, Glass’s

Glass’s provides expert insights into the performance of the 2019 used car market and the trends and influences the sector can expect to see in 2020. This session will provide the story behind the figures for the clarity retailers need to plan their used car strategy.

In this session you will learn:-

  • What are the best and fastest selling models, makes, segments and fuel types across the UK
  • Which of the UK’s dealers are outperforming the market? What makes them more successful than you?
  • Where is the market heading and where has it been? Is it finally time to ditch diesel?


Martin Dew, Digital Solutions Director, Autoweb Design

Autoweb Design focuses on the virtual shop window – the website. During this session the discussion will centre on search engine marketing and how to optimise your website and reporting in order to maximise return on investment.

In this session you will learn:-

  • Harmonising PPC and Organic Search strategies
  • On-site optimisations for search engine marketing
  • Multi-channel reporting and budget optimisation

James Tew, CEO, iVendi

With online motor retail developing rapidly, James Tew looks at the latest trends including the emergence of blended solutions that enable customers to mix different elements of the sales process both online and in the showroom.

In this session you will learn:-

  • How to make your digital journey and website more relevant and personalised to your customers in 2020
  • Misleading vehicle and finance information shown online could inadvertently lead to regulation breaches, understand the most commonly occurring issues and how they can be avoided
  • How technology can be used to avoid non-compliance pitfalls such as presenting deals online when price discounts and finance are promoted alongside added value products

Neil Addley, Founder & Managing Director, JudgeService Research

After working with some of automotive retail’s most successful groups, Addley will deliver an informative and insightful view of what he’s learned about leadership from some of the best in the business.

In this session you will learn:-

  • How leaders of some of the biggest names in the sector have created their own leadership style
  • The common threads which inevitably emerge among the sector’s most successful automotive groups
  • The habits and skills some of the best automotive retailer leaders continually demonstrate
  • How creating the right culture in a business with a clear purpose, mission and goals
  • Apply simple techniques around focus, effective habits to produce great results

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO, CitNOW

As online retail and on-site become ever more entwined for car buyers, digital assets such as video, still imagery and 360 views are vital in persuading customers to take the next step. Horsburgh will discuss how the current process for capturing and publishing web assets is broke and demonstrate how to halve your time to web.

In this session you will learn:-

  • How to bridge the gap between digital to physical/online to offline and provide a seamless customer experience
  • How to make the most of online digital assets and cut time from retail ready vehicle to website marketing
  • Consumer research highlighting what they want online and in-store to facilitate the smoothest of transitions between great virtual experience and exemplary customer service
  • Be among the first to have access to latest as yet unpublished car buyer research

Thom Coupar-Evans, UK Sales Director, LivePerson

This session explores how messaging technologies (from chat to Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp) can help the car shopping and purchase process and how to use them to your advantage. Take a walk through ‘the Automotive Tango’ that has helped dealers make almost double the number of connections with online shoppers.

In this session you will learn:-

  • How to do the ‘Automotive Tango’ and best connect with more of today’s shoppers
  • Provide a better consumer experience with a smart, seamless way to move people through the car shopping and purchase process
  • Find out how to activate every possible connection point
  • How to help your team focus on closing ready-to-buy shoppers

Chrysalis Solmotive

Lyn Howdon, Global Head of Academy and Learning, Chrysalis Loyalty

Chrysalis Loyalty shares proven strategies for achieving sustainable growth through improved customer retention. Explore strategies for segmenting your customers, understanding behaviour, using data and machine learning, and the technologies available to help connect with customers now and in the future.

In this session you will learn:-

  • When the highest retention rates can be achieved
  • How to implement a successful renewal process in our dealership
  • Explore the technologies available to support your retention strategy
  • How to increase the reach of your incentives budget by over 40%

Real World Analytics

Neil Murphy, Automotive Data Scientist, Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics shows how to crunch the numbers to obtain real world insights into your business, turning data and information into action which boosts sales and profits. This session focuses on how motor retailers can work smarter rather than harder and make data work for your dealership.

In this session you will learn:-

  • Identifying the data that will make a difference to your dealership
  • Automatically collate all data sources into one place and improve efficiency
  • Turn data insights into action which boosts profitability
  • Achieve the right balance between information gathering and taking action whilst avoiding data overload
  • Understand the benefit of having complete transparency of your group down to department level

Marcus Dacombe, International Product Marketing Director, CDK Global

CDK Global take a glimpse into the not-too-distant future of automotive retailing where rapid change is already afoot tackling some of the challenges retailers need to face including even more digitisation, evolving consumer behaviour and how technology will impact the sector even further.

In this session you will learn:-

  • New technologies set to change automotive retailing
  • Evolution of consumer expectations, trends, and lifestyle choices
  • How automotive retailers can create connected experiences to meet and exceed these expectations
  • The value of consumer data and analytics to create meaningful, relevant experiences
  • How can automotive retailers continue to add value in a changing landscape?