Automotive Management Live
November 7th 2019
NEC, Birmingham

Creating Customer Loyalty

Chrysalis Loyalty shares proven strategies for achieving sustainable growth through improved customer retention. Explore strategies for segmenting your customers, understanding behaviour, using data and machine learning, and the technologies available to help connect with customers now and in the future.

In this session you will learn:

  • When the highest retention rates can be achieved
  • How to implement a successful renewal process in our dealership
  • Explore the technologies available to support your retention strategy
  • How to increase the reach of your incentives budget by over 40%


Lyn Howdon

Lyn Howdon

Global Head of Academy and Learning

Chrysalis Loyalty




Why is this topic important to motor retailers?

“Loyal customers increase profitability through their repeat purchases and generate extra sales through word-of-mouth recommendation. It is more cost-effective for a retailer to retain existing customers through customer-focused best practice than to prospect for new ones. A customer’s trust can be gained through the consistent application of best practice and once gained, the customer is less likely to shop elsewhere. Creating customer loyalty is not about one person using a retention tool effectively - it’s not a job, it’s a culture.” 

Why should delegates come to see your session?

“We believe that people and process are equally as important as the technology used to drive customer retention. In addition to the tools, a confident, competent and capable team delivering customer-centric best practice consistently will not only earn customer loyalty but it will increase customer retention. Attendees will understand how to strengthen their existing practices to ensure customer engagement is maintained throughout the ownership experience by creating informative, timely touchpoints for every customer.” 

- Lyn Howdon, Global Head of Academy and Learning, Chrysalis Loyalty


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