13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

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Digital Marketing/Website

Autoweb Design focused on the virtual shop window – the website. During this session the discussion was centred on search engine marketing and how to optimise your website and reporting in order to maximise return on investment.

In this session, visitors learnt:

  • Harmonising PPC and Organic Search strategies

  • On-site optimisations for search engine marketing

  • Multi-channel reporting and budget optimisation


Martin Dew

Martin Dew

Digital Solutions Director

Autoweb Design



Why is this topic important to motor retailers?

“Digital marketing channels are a mainstay for the automotive industry as a whole, but effective use and adaption to these channels, in a highly complex and competitive arena, is critical to dealer success in 2020 and beyond. There are stark contrasts between the strategic use of marketing channels and being effective in lead generation and sales. We want to show dealers how to spend wisely to achieve the best returns.”

Why should delegates come to see your session?

“Websites have been in mainstream use for around 20 years so they feel very familiar to dealers yet it has evolved into a highly complex, competitive and, in some cases, expensive space. However, we see the old blanket bombing strategies of snapping up as much print advertising space as possible or showering the database with a DM offer creeping back but in digital form despite all the available reports and metrics. We want to show dealers how to spend wisely to achieve the best returns.” 

- Martin Dew, Digital Solutions Director, Autoweb Design


Autoweb Design