Automotive Management Live
November 7th 2019
NEC, Birmingham


As online retail and on-site become ever more entwined for car buyers, digital assets such as video, still imagery and 360 views are vital in persuading customers to take the next step. Horsburgh will discuss how the current process for capturing and publishing web assets is broke and demonstrate how to halve your time to web.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to bridge the gap between digital to physical/online to offline and provide a seamless customer experience
  • How to make the most of online digital assets and cut time from retail ready vehicle to website marketing
  • Consumer research highlighting what they want online and in-store to facilitate the smoothest of transitions between great virtual experience and exemplary customer service
  • Be among the first to have access to latest as yet unpublished car buyer research


Alistair Horsburgh

Alistair Horsburgh





Why is this topic important to motor retailers?

“The traditional route to market for newly arrived used car stock is broken. Latest technology, sophisticated software and immediate high quality images and video means retailers can upload a vehicle’s digital assets as soon as it arrives on the forecourt. Such instantaneous online marketing increases stock turn, a recognised profit booster. As more and, in some cases all, of the buying process takes place online, such a speedy turnaround will become even more important." 

Why should delegates come to see your session?

“Until now the sector has largely seen online as where information is to aid chunks of decision-making and the showroom as where the deal is done, but that’s no longer the case. Our research has shown almost a third of car buyers would be willing to transact online. Retailers who don’t deliver won’t survive. This session explores how high quality digital assets uploaded as soon as the car is retail ready will tip the balance in favour of enquiries and conversions as well as helping bridge the gap between the online and offline customer experience.”

- Alistair Horsburgh, CEO, CitNOW