13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

EV charging education is vital for dealers



Dealers looking to capitalise on the EV evolution need to educate sales teams and install charging infrastructure on their forecourts, according to Kevin Pugh, who heads up EV charging specialist Tritium in the UK and Ireland. The company will be among those specially selected to feature in the Automotive Management Live Future Dealership Zone when the annual expo takes place at Birmingham’s NEC on 7th November. Pugh said: “Any dealership with an EV in their line-up needs to be ready with chargers at their dealerships now, their customers need to know about their next car now, and that the horizon and technology is changing.

“Charging is about convenience and speed of charge.  Dealerships therefore need to be fluent in understanding what charge the vehicle can take, and what this means to their customers when they come across various charging devices. It should become part of the education process when selling their vehicles. We believe a line-up of chargers at their premises would provide a great introduction to charging for anyone buying a vehicle, as well as an interactive, exciting experience.”

Tritium advises a 50kW DC rapid charger on the forecourt which will also act as a draw to the potential new EV driver as well as offering a service to the current local EV community, drivers can browse the showroom and enjoy a coffee whilst topping up. For workshop and staff, slower AC through-the-day/night charging would be required, and DC power for service would be advised. Finally, once batteries become larger and with them increased driving ranges, the longer they will take to charge requiring rapid charging for efficient throughput.

Added Pugh: “Standard education around EV charging needs to take place with all dealership sales teams and those involved in the supply chain. Once they understand fully what can and cannot be done, and they have a network of support to help, their clients will know with confidence how and where they can fuel their new EV, and as such improve the confidence that this market and technology is the future.  

“This is the most exciting transition to hit the transport industry in a century, and there is a unique opportunity for dealerships to increase footfall and attract a series of new, loyal customers by providing a service beyond the sale.

”Tritium has just signed a contract to install 2,500 rapid 50kW electric vehicle charger sites across the UK which will double the number currently available.  Rapid chargers can add 30 miles of range in just 10 minutes compared to ‘streetlight’ chargers which are typically 3.6kW and add two miles of range in 10 minutes and 7kW chargers, the likes of which are being rolled out at Tesco supermarkets, which can add just over four miles every 10 minutes. The next level – high-power chargers – are in some cases capable of adding 220 miles of range in 10 minutes.

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