13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

Leveraging data can give the power back to dealers

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Automotive retailers that can leverage their customer data will be best placed to face any future challenges with the automotive retail model, according to customer relationship management (CRM) specialists Salesforce.

Matthew Simpkins, Salesforce senior director, industry advisor, automotive, will lead a special Inspiration Theatre session at AM Live tomorrow that will look at “giving the power back to dealers”, in a time where car manufacturers are increasingly going direct to consumers.

AM Live is back in person again at the NEC, near Birmingham on November 11. 

Simpkins said: “It’s not about selling cars anymore, it’s about the data.

“When the wish from OEMs to drive a direct to consumer strategy to increase their margin, meets the evolution of buying patterns supported by technology progress facilitating e-commerce, and a product revolution such as the electric vehicle, we could wonder what is the place of the auto retail community in all this.

“Well it’s pivotal, as long as the retailers know how to navigate the consumer revolution happening.”

The session will highlight some practical examples from retailers in the UK and across Europe that are using customer data in innovative ways to provide better customer service.

Simpkins said that while there are many potential new use cases for data to provide a better service, this still hasn’t been fully unlocked yet, by retailers or car manufacturers (OEMs).

He said: “The OEMs have a lot of connected car data, but it’s not necessarily delivering a superior customer experience.

“The best retailers are collecting data that allows them to segment and profile their databases.

“Other groups are spending a lot of time investing in the bi-directional flow between themselves and their manufacturer partners to create a more premium experience.”

Salesforce is the sponsor for all of the Inspiration Theatre sessions at this year’s AM Live.

Each presentation will invigorate delegates and deliver thought provoking ideas in a unique way, leaving those in attendance feeling inspired and with a fresh perspective on the year ahead.

The key themes for this year will focus on leadership, the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and diversity and inclusion - all essential and transformational topics to ensure automotive retail businesses can thrive in the years to come.


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