13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

RAPID RTC Response Quality Module drives customer engagements



Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments in recent years have created an exciting enhancement to consistently measure response quality in Lead Manager, providing additional benefits to retailers looking to improve their customer experience.


Data released by global lead management software provider RAPID RTC, has shown a 25-30% uplift in customer engagement.  This data was gathered following the implementation of the brand-new Response Quality Module (RQM) product extension with several manufacturer retail networks in the UK. The product will now be officially rolled out across RAPID RTC’s UK and Canadian territories, with global deployment to follow.


RAPID RTC RQM is an enhancement to the organisation’s flagship Lead Manager tool that ensures 100% of enquiries are answered. RQM helps dealers improve the quality of customer interactions through a unique AI scoring algorithm, removing the guesswork and subjectivity from customer communications. It provides sales teams with predictive measures to rate responses of individual salespeople to each enquiry, helping dealers identify coaching opportunities and suggest improvements to the sales process.


Pontus Riska, Vice President Sales and Support UK, said: “With our market research suggesting up to half of leads and enquiries could be going unanswered, it is essential dealers and manufacturers invest in customer journeys to increase satisfaction and prevent marketing spend going to waste. Traditionally, dealers may have had to compromise between speed and quality of response, but that is no longer the case, particularly with the development of artificial intelligence.


“We firmly believe humanisation is a differentiator and the personal touch plays a big part in high-value purchases. AI allows us to combine human communication with smart measurement and monitoring to ensure an environment of continuous improvement. Sales teams can learn from one another within the organisation and make use of robust and actionable data and insights to inform their engagement strategy.”   


Speaking after an RQM trial, John French, Head of Sales Operations at ŠKODA UK, commented: “As an increasing number of customers make the move towards the brand’s digital showroom, ensuring our network’s online capability is exceeding expectations is a key priority. Working with RAPID RTC, RQM module has allowed ŠKODA UK retailers to improve the quality of their response to customers resulting in an increase in conversions to new and used car sales.”  


Representing leading OEMs and dealer groups, RAPID RTC has more than 3,000 global clients covering over 20 languages in nearly 30 countries across three continents. With a physical footprint in Canada, the United States, the UK, France and, now, Ireland, the company has now processed nearly 20 million leads and 50 million digital interactions since its foundation back in 1996.


RAPID RTC will also be sponsoring, and participating in, this year’s AM Live (November 7)), the UK’s leading trade show for automotive retailers.  For more information on the full range of services offered by RAPID RTC, visit https://rapidrtc.co.uk/