13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

Reach more customers, more effectively with marketing delivery’s updated social media platform


  • Facebook Marketplace functionality in SocialStock helps generate leads
  • Dealers can target potential car buyers with hyper-relevant vehicle adverts
  • Our platform is developed specifically for motor retailers to boost inbound sales leads and drive traffic to dealer websites via social channels
  • Fully-scalable depending on needs, budget and marketing aims

Car dealers can now target more prospective customers more effectively through Facebook Marketplace, thanks to new functionality added to Marketing Delivery’s SocialStock platform. Dealers can create personalised Facebook Marketplace adverts that target those who are actively in the market for a car, taking account of their location and browsing history.

The system allows dealers to automatically populate their Facebook Marketplace listings with vehicle inventory. To do this, the platform takes a stock feed direct from a dealer’s website, using it to create and then maintain a Facebook ‘product catalogue’ that underpins organic engagement as well as paid-for personalised adverts.

“Facebook offers car retailers a number of unique tools to target would-be customers with relevant adverts in their timeline and through Facebook Marketplace,” comments Jeremy Evans, Managing Director for Marketing Delivery. “The new functionality has the potential to boost the proportion of total inbound sales leads that dealers receive through social media, and encourage prospective customers to visit – or revisit – their website, all with minimal extra effort from sales or marketing staff.”

Facebook remains the most popular social media network in the UK, with around 40 million UK users visiting Facebook at least once a month – and 80% of those access Facebook more than once per day*. Using Facebook’s targeting features makes it an ideal platform for customer conquest and lead generation.

Managing social media across multiple brands and sites

SocialStock integrates a number of Marketing Delivery social media management and reporting tools, all developed specifically for motor retailers. These include a stock remarketing tool, social media advertising tools, and an automated lead capture system for Facebook. Retailers can specify how many tools they deploy, and for which sites and brands, to suit their requirements and resources.

The system provides controlled levels of user access, enabling a range of different campaigns to be managed and evaluated by a centralised marketing team across a group, or by staff at individual sites.

Marketing Delivery’s LeadBox system records customer enquiries captured via targeted Facebook adverts, sending customers’ details directly to the sales team to act upon. LeadBox provides a cost-effective and highly efficient way of managing social media leads across existing lead management platforms.

For more information visit Marketing Delivery’s website at: marketingdelivery.co.uk.

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