Automotive Management Live
November 8th 2018
NEC, Birmingham

Best Practice Seminars

Free-to-attend seminars for dealer principals, marketing, finance, sales and aftersales management.

The best practice sessions have been specially devised with AM’s industry partners to provide senior decision-makers, managers and operational executives in automotive retail businesses with additional insights to help with forward planning. The sessions will be direct, highly informative and hard-hitting with tangible advice and tips designed to be readily implemented on return to the business.

Please note: Best practice seminars are reserved for car retailers and vehicle manufacturers


How video has evolved the vehicle sales process

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO, CitNOW

Drawing on CitNOW’s data, this session identifies what customers do after watching a video, the wider customer experience of the new and used car purchase process and the part played by digital communications, particularly video. Now a prominent part in the omni-channel world of automotive retail, video has changed the car buying and owning process and will continue to evolve this space. In addition, CitNOW will reveal findings from latest consumer research undertaken in 2018.

‘Go with the numbers’ - why your dealership can’t ignore social media any more

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

Examining the numbers behind the social media phenomenon, Jeremy Evans of Marketing Delivery will show how Facebook advertising is an essential part of the dealer marketing plan. In this masterclass Evans will be showcasing some of the methods and tools used to reach an ever-increasing number of consumers. With real-world examples of campaigns and content that have driven sales, this session will show how to build campaigns that will last.

Raving fans drive stock turn - Improving customer satisfaction results to increase sales

Neil Addley, Managing Director, JudgeService

Collected from over 1,000 UK auto dealerships and their analysed promoter scores, we will be revealing the impact of customer satisfaction on dealership stock turn. We will also discuss the key drivers of customer satisfaction –Is it finance? Attitude of the salesperson? Explanation of paperwork? Plus, we will release the distance consumers are willing to travel for brands.

In this motivating session, we will be sharing our Magnificent Seven Proven Tips to improve customer satisfaction in your dealerships. #ravingfans

Preparing to deliver online vehicle sales

James Tew, CEO, iVendi

With increased confidence from consumers in transacting big ticket items online, dealers and manufacturers are both investigating and investing in ways to deliver an end-to-end online purchase solution. Tew will draw on iVendi’s recent Report on Online Motor Retailing which explores the attitudes of consumers, dealers and manufacturers to online motor retailing. With the overarching message that online motor retail is set to grow, this session explores some of the changes and challenges likely to occur.

Using data to build a high-performance sales culture

David Boyce, Managing Director, enquiryMAX

This session explores how data can be used to help build a high-performance sales culture, how simple changes can make a big difference to sales conversion and why each lead should be treated with the highest priority. Sales data should be used every day and at every customer interaction. It can enable better cross-selling from the service department to the sales team to create a low cost and efficient route to generating business.

Used car market overview and how the top 100 dealers have performed

Anthony Machin, Head of Content, Glass's Guide

Using our award-winning Live Retail Pricing and trusted Trade valuations Glass's will provide an overview of 2018 to see how the market has performed. Their unparalleled insights will also be used to discuss how the top 100 franchised dealerships have performed against each other in terms of used car sales. In a year when the ‘used car has been king’, who has made the greatest claim for the throne?

Conversational Commerce: How to Best Connect With More of Today’s Shoppers

Thom Coupar-Evans, UK Sales Director, Contact At Once!

If you want to provide a better consumer experience, you need to cut through the noise in the shopping, buying and after-sales cycles. This session explores how you can do this through conversational commerce—enabling consumers to converse with your company on their own schedule, via familiar messaging apps and using natural language to take action. Many large brands are already taking advantage of conversational commerce, and you can too. Learn how to adapt this approach for the motor industry, helping connect your digital and in-store experiences in one seamless process.

The website as the heart of dealer digital comms

Martin Dew, Digital Solutions Director, Autoweb Design

The website continues to be at the heart of the dealer’s marketing strategy. Harnessing the mass of information generated by your website means dealers can target effectively and increase the likelihood of generating enquiries, which ultimately translates into more sales. From mobile friendly sites to driving web traffic and delivering the right content, this session explores latest developments and website user behaviour to help dealers fine tune their digital strategy.