13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

CitNOW reveals new consumer video research at AMLive 2017


Video is revolutionising communications between dealers, customers and would-be car-buyers. At AM Live, CitNOW will share ground-breaking consumer research which highlights how attitudes to video have changed during its best practice session.

CitNOW chief executive Alistair Horsburgh (pictured), who will be leading the session, said: “Our analytics provide us with extensive insights such as the amount of time spent looking at a particular vehicle with video is much higher than those without. We have vast amounts of feedback from our dealer clients which shows how video aids sales conversion and upsell in aftersales. 

"We have also analysed customer comments from our five-star rating system so we have long been able to provide the evidence in support of video.

"However, until now, we have never conducted purely consumer-focused research and it is these findings which we will share during our masterclass.”

CitNOW provides video services to 91 of the top 100 dealer groups and at the end of last year hosted its 10 millionth video, half of them made during 2016 whilst the platform now serves more than 100,000 videos a week, a figure that continues to grow, illustrating the prominence of video in a wide variety of customer communications.

Its five-star rating system, which has now been rolled out to all users, includes a 140-character comment box. Last year ratings of sales videos averaged 4.78/5 from over 46,000 ratings whilst workshop videos were rated an average 4.65/5 from over 89,000 ratings. In addition, 15,278 sales and 23,912 workshop videos received the top five-star rating. 

The feature has now been rolled out to all CitNOW users as part of its standard subscription.

Horsburgh said: “Video relationship management or VRM is now a widely established form of communication between dealers and their customers and we are convinced video will eventually overtake email as the most popular form of communication.  Over the past 12 months we have seen both dealer groups and manufacturers become much more prescriptive on how video should be produced and presented reflecting its growth and prominence.”

As part of its masterclass, CitNOW will also provide insights into the experiences of some of its dealer clients.

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