13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

Smash the electric vehicle transition at AM Live

Electrical car charging Back

Electric vehicles (EV) present big changes for the automotive retail model and delegates to next month’s AM Live will come away inspired and ready to embrace all the opportunities they present. 

Arturs Smilkstins, partner at Boston Consulting, will deliver a session that will advise dealers of the opportunities presented by the roadmap to zero emission new cars before 2030. 

Smilkstins’ presentation is one of three keynote presentations that are part of the new Inspiration Theatre at AM Live. 

The show is being held on November 11 at the NEC, near Birmingham and each Inspiration Theatre session will transform how delegates think about their business, culture and future strategy. 

The dealers that smash the EV transition will have well-informed and engaged workforces, will adapt and innovate their services to attract and retain customers, and by 2030 will have established their brand as a centre of EV excellence. 

Smilkstins has experience of different markets around the world, including Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

His focus within automotive and mobility includes working with car manufacturers, suppliers, retail dealers and mobility providers. 

He works with his clients on executing turnarounds, setting up and implementing digital and organizational transformations, and driving operational improvements with Industry 4.0 tools. 

Smilkstins said: “The shift to EV will accelerate dramatically in the years to come. 

“In fact, our updated forecast predicts that by 2026 electrified vehicles will account for more than half of light vehicles sold globally—four years sooner than we anticipated in our previous report.  

“What’s more, we see zero-emission vehicles replacing internal combustion engines (ICEs) as the dominant powertrain for new light-vehicle sales globally just after 2035.” 

There will be challenges to the traditional automotive retail model, with margins becoming thinner, while service requirements will also decrease. 

However, Smilkstins said retailers’ assistance with research and offering a physical touch point will remain critical in the overall customer journey. 

He said: “Dealer networks who will be able to provide a holistic data driven view on customers in a specific geography, linking this with a personalised go to market approach, will remain critical as part of car manufacturers’ ambitions to win the market share.” 

The agenda for AM Live is available to view online and for more information and to book your free place visit automotivemanagementlive.co.uk