Automotive Management Live
November 7th 2019
NEC, Birmingham

2019 Future Dealerships Zone

An exciting showcase of new and emerging technology that AM’s editorial team believes automotive retailers will be using in the next decade across sales, aftersales, bac k office and infrastructure, this small collection of exhibitors will inspire retailers with latest technology and retail sector insights

Talk of the future of automotive retail is widespread and varied and includes emerging technology, new business models and disruptors which will converge to create a new era of retail, all driven by consumer demand. Retailers will need to adopt new approaches, embrace technology on even grander scales and take bold, innovative steps into unchartered territories.

The Future Dealership Zone will focus on some of the sector’s suppliers who are leading the way with new developments who already have dealers utilising their products to gain all-important strides on the competition.

Here, show-goers will be able to talk to AM’s specially selected exhibitors about their vision of the future of retail as well as the innovative products and services that are both available and in development to enable retailers to deliver a customer experience fit for the next decade.


Pressing topics which will shape the future of automotive retail over the next decade include:-

Online car sales

Brands are already offering customers the opportunity to purchase their next new car online and some dealer groups have introduced the ability to undertake used car transactions via their own websites


A mobile-first strategy

Mobile is fast-becoming the favourite device when consumers search for their next car and with 5G on the horizon, page loading will be quicker and quality will be higher whilst consumers will expect increased engagement via their mobiles


Blended digital and physical strategy

For many in the sector, this ‘mix and match’ approach is the most likely way forward whereby customers will be happy to converge their online experience with visits to the dealership, but the blend must be seamless


Mobility as a Service (Maas)

Much has been mooted on the ousting of car ownership in favour of multiple mobility options accessible through an app, whilst we think sole car usage will endure for the time being, new, inventive funding methods are now available including subscription services


The retail business model

We’ve been hearing about the death of the dealership for years but we don’t detect an appetite among manufacturers to become retailers but there will be changes and already we are seeing different retail models emerge such as the shopping mall boutique a la Rockar


The EV tipping point 

With manufacturers launching EV models in droves and wider consumer acceptance, the EV will continue to be one of the few vehicle segments which will see growth, infrastructure is developing but dealers need to adapt aftersales strategies and invest in training