13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

IMPORTANT: Exhibitor Notice

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Future Dealership Zone

Sponsored by RAPID RTC, the Future Dealership Zone was an exciting showcase of new and emerging technology that AM’s editorial team believes automotive retailers will be using in the next decade across sales, aftersales, back office and infrastructure. This small collection of exhibitors will inspire retailers with latest technology and retail sector insights.

Talk of the future of automotive retail is widespread and varied and includes emerging technology, new business models and disruptors which will converge to create a new era of retail, all driven by consumer demand. Retailers will need to adopt new approaches, embrace technology on even grander scales and take bold, innovative steps into unchartered territories. Suppliers supporting the sector in this changing marketplace include:-



Global lead management software provider RAPID RTC supports 3,000 OEM and dealer group clients around the world.  RAPID RTC’s core product, Lead Manager ensures 100% of enquiries to dealerships are answered with consistently high-quality responses.


EV charging education is vital for dealers


Dealers looking to capitalise on the EV evolution need to educate sales teams and install charging infrastructure on their forecourts, according to Kevin Pugh, who heads up EV charging specialist Tritium in the UK and Ireland.

The company will be among those specially selected to feature in the Future Dealership Zone at Automotive Management Live this November.

Pugh said: “Any dealership with an EV in their line-up needs to be ready with chargers at their dealership now, their customers need to know about their next car now, and that the horizon and technology is changing.

“Charging is about convenience and speed of charge. Dealership therefore need to be fluent in understanding what charge the vehicle can take, and what this means to their customers when they come across various charging devices. It should become part of the education process when selling their vehicles. We believe a line-up of chargers at their premises would provide a great introduction to charging for anyone buying a vehicle, as well as an interactive, exciting experience.”

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Check-in kiosks offer aftersales boost

If the UK’s aftersales departments are to continue to be profitable as the volume of electric vehicles (EVs) increases dramatically, lessons need to be learned from our Nordic neighbours.

Danish company Tjekvik, pronounced ‘Check Quick’, provides an airport-style quick check-in for service vehicles thereby increasing the aftersales through-put by freeing up dealer staff. The company will showcase their offering in the Future Dealership Zone at the event.

With fewer moving parts, EVs require less maintenance so if aftersales departments are to maintain their profitability as ownership becomes more widespread, dealers need to increase the volume of vehicles serviced as well as identify additional revenue streams.

Taking place on November 7th at Birmingham’s NEC, the event, now in its fourth year, brings together the sector’s leading suppliers, a host of masterclass sessions and expert speakers who tackle some of the pressing issues facing automotive retail.

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Roadster launches at Automotive Management Live

US ecommerce platform Roadster launches in the UK at this year’s event - where its suite of digital tools will be on display in our Future Dealership Zone.

Digitising the car buying process means arming sales teams with effective tools as well as providing customers with the means to move effortlessly between in-store and online.

Providing live demos using a plasma screen and iPads, visitors to Roadster’s stand will be able to experience the digital functionality provided by its tools from a customer’s viewpoint when accessing information online and understand how other tools ensure a smooth sales process whilst delivering an enhanced customer experience in the showroom.

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FUCHS's Lube Cube saves more than 500 tonnes of plastic!

A lubricant manufacturer’s innovative cardboard packaging solution has saved an amazing 500 tonnes of plastic, it has been revealed.

The FUCHS Lubricants Lube Cube, will be on display as part of the Future Dealership Zone and gives customers the option of buying its leading products in a recyclable cardboard box rather than a plastic container.

The Lube Cube is a single use, 100% recyclable packaging system with zero disposal costs as they can be included with normal recycling waste. Today, business leaders revealed the change had resulted in an incredible saving of more than 500 metric tonnes (500,000kg) of plastic since the 20 litre Lube Cube’s launch in 2012.

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Arena Group's MStore for Automotive System

A software platform to digitise paper-based operations right across the business, Arena Group’s mstore for automotive system delivers a rapid return on the retailer’s investment with the nett ROI over seven years expected to be more than £300,000 with one recently installed three-site dealership.

Soper of Lincoln managing director, Andrew Tullie, partnered with Arena Group on their mstore for automotive platform for the pilot and was partly motivated by a desire to reduce the dealership’s environmental footprint, a process which had already seen it adopt a new water recycling scheme and solar energy system. Based on Tullie’s figures, digitisation is expected to save £12,800 per year by reducing paper usage by 95% across deal files and service.

Arena Group’s store for automotive system will be on display in the Future Dealership Zone, this November. Read full article >