13th November 2024
NEC Birmingham

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I am an HR professional

Extract the maximum value for HR professionals

Visit AM LIVE to: 
  • Discover new ways of attracting high calibre employees to your business and once on the payroll, explore how to retain staff and create loyal employees
  • Understand the importance of continued professional development and how to run successful training and development programmes in your business
  • Discuss the latest employee trends, from the gender pay gap to apprenticeship training
  • Meet 100+ of the UK’s leading motor retail suppliers and compare different products and their impact on HR




Hand picked sessions for you: 


Future Dealership Zone:

As new business models emerge and retailing changes, new job roles will be created. Find out some of the skill sets required to operate the dealership of the future.

IMI People Theatre

Find out the latest thinking on professional development and the professional training available and its benefits, learn industry best practice and discover new ideas for retaining staff and creating a loyal workforce. Explore how to recruit and train sales consultants and technicians in the art of personal video presentations. Understand the effect of a business’ online reputation on recruitment.



Best Practice Sessions:


Customer Reviews

Leadership and Focus

After working with some of automotive retail’s most successful groups, Neil Addley will deliver an informative and insightful view of what he’s learned about leadership from some of the best in the business.

Lead Management


As online retail and on-site become ever more entwined for car buyers, digital assets such as video, still imagery and 360 views are vital in persuading customers to take the next step. Hear from Alistair Horsburgh as he explores how the current process for capturing and publishing web assets is broke and demonstrate how to halve your time to web.